bee tree park

Jason & Sadie Redman by Derek Coffman

Jason & Sadie Redman, I have known these two since high school.  Jason has been one of my best friends since then.  Jason and I have gone through a lot of things together, from less than legal street racing that ended up in a wrecked Mitsubishi Eclipse, Blue Thunder with as many subwoofers that I could stuff into the trunk, a Dodge Neon with a body kit a huge spoiler and the ever popular chrome Arelli Assassyns (go ahead and google those…. Not my proudest moment.) to his marriage to Sadie in September of 2016.


Sadie reached out to me for this specific shoot, a vintage inspired spring shoot.  Prior to the shoot, I wanted to make sure that we were all on the same page as to the direction the shoot was going to go.  Spoke a few times regarding wardrobe and things like that, then I had a solid idea of the look I wanted for the photos.  We had also talked about incorporating their two dogs, Jimmy Chew, and Frank.  This, in my mind was                                                                                             going to look really cool.

The photoshoot took place at Bee Tree County Park, specifically at the Eugene Nims House, which, if you haven’t been is a really neat place in a nice park that overlooks the Mississippi River.  I had brought with me an older wingback chair that has seen other shoots of mine.  I thought that this piece would give an overall warmer feel to the otherwise colder (because of the actual temperature) images.  Also, the velvet like upholstery of the chair photographs extremely well, and the vintage look of the wingback design has a timeless aesthetic presence.


Jason and Sadie arrived ahead of schedule and we started discussing the physical location and the different looks they were after.  “I want a dark and moody feel, something like Kingly and Queenly.”  Jason said to me.  I knew that they were going to be printing some of these photos for a large accent wall in their house.  From what Jason had described, I knew what direction to go artistically.  From there, we had a few different poses including the chair that turned out really cool, stately, regal, and somewhat Vogue-esque.  Now, getting these shots wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, that’s for sure.  The location was nothing more than a walkway behind this mansion that had a pretty steep grade that I almost fell down on more than one occasion.  As well as the terrain, the fact that I am 5’9” and Jason is about 6’3” proved to be difficult to boot.

After Sadie and Jason, I photographed Jimmy and Frank.  With the location, other people at the park, and just the fact that they are dogs, I knew I had to capture them in the poses that Jason and Sadie wanted as fast as possible.  Sometimes animals don’t cooperate as well as you would like, but these two were awesome!

When we were finished with that specific location, we walked around the Eugene Nims House to get some other shots that were requested.  Overall, the shoot went according to plan and very smooth.  Although it was a little cooler than we would have hoped for it to be outside, everyone, including my beautiful wife Kim (aka, my assistant, aka, my voice activated light stand, lol.) braved the slightly less than favorable temperature and were happy to wrap up yet another successful photoshoot.

Thank you Jason and Sadie for allowing me to photograph you guys and your pups!  And gosh darn it, next time you are south of 44 you guys better come to our house and hang out for a bit!!!!

Below are some of the incredible shots from Jason and Sadie’s shoot.