elephant rocks

Elephant Rocks State Park by Derek Coffman

Over the weekend I had the chance to shoot Kelly and Brendan at Elephant Rocks State Park. The drive to and from combined was actually double in time in which we spent taking these awesome photos. The drive was well worth the finished product!

Brendan was a trooper and brought his guitar along for the shoot, not only to grab some epic photos, but also to jam out for a bit on top of some of the coolest rock formations in Missouri.

I tried to time the lighting as best as I could in order to catch the sun in the perfect position in the sky for really warm golden lighting. With driving over an hour to get to this location, then trekking up these huge rocks, it was a bit difficult, but, I think the lighting in these shots are absolutely beautiful!

Overall, I think this shoot went absolutely amazing and we captured not only awesome photos, but obviously the connection that Kelly and Brendan have with each other. Thank you Kelly and Brendan for an amazing shoot!!!

Check out the whole gallery below!