thiS Old HAt's Skye Keene and her Lafayette Park shoot by Derek Coffman

As I'm driving down highway 44 west, towards Hampton, I start to see some flurries.  Now, being from St. Louis, I know that at any given moment the temperature could be 80 degrees and sunny, then BOOM!  out of nowhere, golf ball size hail and temperatures plummeting down towards single digits.  This typically wouldn't bother me at all, however, the very next day I knew I had a shoot scheduled, outside....  Then, after about a quarter of a mile, as I am about to take the exit ramp to get onto Hampton north, I see a wall of snow completely engulf a billboard just off the highway!  The wind was extremely strong, pushing my Subaru around without any effort.  It was hard to see anything further than maybe a car length or two ahead of me.  At this point I am freaking out, wondering what the weather was going to be like the next day for the shoot.  At the next red light I quickly checked my phone to confirm the forecast.  Luckily, the forthcoming day was going to be much milder than the weather I was currently experiencing.  

Fast forward to roughly 9:30 AM, the next day.  I sent a couple emails to Skye ( the Owner of ThiS Old HAt; name sake is an homage to the lovely neighborhood of South Hampton, St, Louis often known as simply SOHA for short. ) detailing the location of the shoot, where to park and stuff like that.  Now, it's about 10:00 AM and I am arriving to the location of the shoot, beautiful Lafayette Park in St. Louis, Mo.  As I am setting up, preparing for the arrival of Skye I am starting to get a bit chilly.  The high temperature was forecast to be in the low to mid 40's.  The temperature was not about to get in our way for having a successful shoot!

Skye pulled up to the park, and she started to unload a few of her most recent pieces that she had been working on.  Wow, some seriously cool stuff!  If you guys haven't already seen the type of restoration she can do make sure you head on over to her facebook page here

“I want to live in a world where we can stop and appreciate the ugly things for the beautiful life they have ahead of them.” so eloquently put by the owner herself. 


As we carried the furniture over to the small bridge situated at the southeast corner of the park.  We began to talk about the history of thiS Old HAt.  Here is a brief history of Skye and how ThiS Old HAt Furnishings came to be:   "I have not always been refinishing Old, tired and ugly furniture.  I graduated High school from Doniphan High school in 2002.  I quickly enrolled in Three Rivers Community College and  received my Associates degree as well as a Paralegal degree while working full time as assistant to the superintendent at Southeast Missouri Residential Services (DMH).  During this time I was helping care for my papa.  He was really sick, but we became closer than ever.  As cliche’ as it sounds he was my very best friend.  He made me promise to do what I could in this world to be happy doing what I loved.  When he passed away I  moved to the St. Louis area to be closer to my family.  My life changed.  I loved STL, but wasn’t passionate about where I worked.   Skip to 5 years later I was working in a Tax Preparers office working 60 hours plus at times.  I needed a way to channel my stress.....wouldn’t anybody?!?"  Clearly my memory isn't thaaaaat good, that is straight from Skye.

And....that’s how “Distressing to Destress” was born!  I started refinishing anything I could get my hands on.  Once I sold my first piece I was hooked!  My family and friends encouraged me to start a business so I took that advice then ran with it.  I love the feeling of being able to take a piece of furniture that’s been neglected, abused and left alone and making it lively again.

We began the shoot and everything had a great flow.  Skye was a natural!  I had some ideas, she had some ideas, and together, I think we captured exactly what Skye was looking for in regards to her new marketing material.  

Again, if anyone is looking for some really great furnishings for your home or office, make sure you check out This Old HAt Furnishings.  

I was very happy to help a local entrepreneur that has a great eye for detail.  Thank you Skye for allowing me to capture these images for you and your furniture restoration business.  I wish you all the best and look forward to future business!!

Here are some images from this awesome shoot with Skye Keene: